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Autoclaim 12 BEST Faucets

Fully automatic with built-in captcha solving service

No need to buy! It's FREE!

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Just connect to the browser and start



About Exobit Faucet Robot

This rotator will allow you to claim your rewards on 12 faucets efficiently. You  connecting to Faucets once on the main page. You press the "Start" button once. Exobit will start making money for you on its own! There is no need to visit the faucet pages through the browser. No need to manually solve captchas. There is no need to stay awake at night. Exobit will automatically work for you 24 hours a day!

Exobit Faucet Robot is completely free. There are no hidden fees. Exobit works with reliable high quality Faucets only. If you do not have registration on these Faucets, we would be grateful for registering through our referral link.

System Requirements: Windows 2000/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10 x32/x64

You may fully rely on our stable solution and forget about browser emulation.

Available Faucets:

Faucet                   Coin          Min. Payout        Delay

Free Bitcoin.in                0.00030 BTC      60 min
Free Ethereum         0.00500 ETH 60 min
Free Binance Coin         0.05000 BNB    60 min
Free Bitcoin         0.00020 BTC60 min
Free Tron                   10 TRX60 min
Free Dash            0.01 DASH60 min
Free Chainlink                0.1 LINK60 min
Free NEO                    1 NEO60 min
Coin Faucet                     1 XRP60 min
Free Cardano                    5 ADA60 min
Free Nem                    5 XEM60 min
Free Tether                   1 USDT60 min
Free USD Coin                  1 USDC60 min

Exobit Advantage


Free Software + Free Captcha = No costs


12 Faucets + Full automation = Profit


AV Checked + Regular Updates = Safe

How to start using Exobit Faucet Robot?

Download ZIP-archive

Unpack ZIP-archive

Run the Robot

Open all Faucets in browser

Connect to the Browser and Press the "Start" button

You can go drink Coffee :)

*You can also minimize the robot window to trey and continue working with other programs on your computer. Enjoy automatic money making!

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